COURTHOUSE SECURITY: Commissioners approve security upgrade

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County’s Courthouse could see a security upgrade in the near future. The Whitley County Board of Commissioners approved a proposal for a new security system. The proposal will be heard by the Whitley County Council on Tuesday. Whitley County Sheriff Mark Hodges explained to the commissioners that the old security system of alarms and door security, which had been installed by Williams Electroncis, was too old to be replaced. After receiving bids, the decision was made to have Williams do the new system for $10,000.One feature of the new system will be a card system on locked doors which will allow employees to enter by scanning their identification badges.It was stressed that the part of the security system that will be changing will be the motion alarms, door and alarms and the key card system for employees, not the security camera system.Williams informed the sheriff’s department that they hope to begin work soon. The motion passed by a 3-0 margin pending approval from the council.