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Backup plan for county's data weighed

January 7, 2011

COLUMBIA CITY — Whitley County’s information technology consultant talked about data protection this week to the county council.
Jim Becher spoke to the board about the possibility of putting in hard drives for the sole purpose of “backing up” all the data produced by the county’s various departments.
Becher also presented the less feasible option of the county going to “off-site backup.”
Becher told the board that sending the county’s computer data to an off-site storage facility in California could cost as much as $13,000 each year.
He said having the county’s data in such a facility would be for “disaster recovery.”
“Off-site backups are a good idea, don’t get me wrong,” Becher said, “but this is all a gamble. It’s kind of an insurance policy.”
Becher’s plan calls for a large server or hard drive to be placed in the basement of the jail where all the county’s data could be copied to.
He suggested a second server could be placed in the Whitley County Government Center.
For the county to lose all its data, Becher said the scenario would have to be drastic.
“The jail would have to burn to the ground and flood,” he said, adding that with a second backup server in the government center, “All three places would have to burn to the ground and flood.”
Becher said losing the servers would not necessarily constitute losing the county’s data since it would still be living on the original servers.
According to Becher, the county has about 120 computers and nine servers.
Becher said sending the county’s data to an off-site facility would also be a problem because of the county’s current slow Internet speed.
“We would never get our data off-site in a 100 million years,” he said.
The council took the issue under advisement.


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